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Consultative Sales Masterclass

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Airedale Enterprise Services, Sunderland Street, Worth Way, Keighley, BD21 5LE

The course
Highly rated training combined with the Sales Escape Game, Johnny Flash’s Secret Deal

The workshop will enable delegates to plan and approach sales differently. The course provides a refresher for some simple sales methods but also exploring new creative ways of selling. The session is a consultative training workshop for delegates to develop and design new ideas and apply them to their business.

-Delegates will discover innovative methods, how to sell consultatively to get better results.
-Attendees will plan strategies and develop tactics that when applied will improve sales success.
-The workshop will be highly interactive with lots of hands on activities.
-Because the training is relevant and applied to the delegate’s unique sales processes, it has an immediate impact on the business.
-Not knowing what they will be tested on, delegates will have to pay close attention to the learning if they want to succeed at the game.

In the first session, delegates will explore key sales topics.

-Communicating the value of products and services to customers will see the value in your products.
-Benefit Selling
-Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to ensure you manage your sales process effectively and close more deals.
-How to use customer needs analysis to differentiate your business from your competitors.
-Using Business Process Mapping for selling consultatively
-Goal and Target Setting – planning how you will achieve your sales objectives
-Sales Pitch Proposals that sell, even when you aren’t there.

In the second session, the delegates will take part in a sales game that will test them on their new knowledge.

The game is an escape game but with a sales twist and helps embed the new learning.

Johnny Flash’s Secret Deal, helps people develop team working and problem solving skills alongside reinforcing some key sales messages.

Is it for you?
The workshop is suitable for sales people who want to refresh their skills and explore new strategies and ways of selling.

It will also suit small business owners who want to grow their business but don’t have a background in sales.

What to expect
-A collaborative process, so delegates learn from each other’s experience.
-Highly engaging training that is interactive and has opportunities for you to try out the new skills in a relaxed environment.
-The training provides methods and ideas that you can apply to your business. Formats that you can shape to suite your own style and desired approach.
-A game at the end to test your knowledge and focus your mind on the learning.

The outcome
Delegates will come away from the course feeling confident and more capable. Businesses will see a significant improvement in results from a better-trained and motivated team.


Lianne develops has developed this sales training from her first-hand experience over many years in sales, through research and from learning from the many excellent sales people she has trained. She is keen to share her enjoyment and enthusiasm for selling and help people overcome any uncertainties.
Lianne delivers the training in a relaxed and friendly environment so delegates very quickly feel confident to try out new approaches. Lianne’s training is very lively and highly rated by attendees.


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This course will be held at Airedale Enterprise Services. The Course will run from 9.30am – 4.30pm with Lunch & Refreshments included.


Tuesday 18th July
Cost: £95 plus VAT

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