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How to write crystal clear English in the workplace

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Airedale Enterprise Services, Sunderland Street, Worth Way, Keighley, BD21 5LE

The course
This fun, interactive workshop will show you techniques to help you write clear English for your website, promotional materials or any other documents.

Learn how to change over-wordy English into concise, clear writing that your customers will understand easily.

Write crystal clear text that looks professional and projects a good image for your company.

Special Offer: Send Jenny a short piece of work you are writing before the workshop and get free help putting it into plain English.

Is it for you?
Do you need more confidence writing grammatically correct English?

Do you write text for websites, press information, brochures, minutes, adverts or letters to customers? If you ever put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, this workshop will help you write better English.

What to expect
-An interesting presentation with real examples of unclear English and how to correct it.
-A few grammar basics clearly explained with examples: using apostrophes, what is a sentence and using the active or passive voice. We’ll also look at commonly confused pairs of words such as lose/loose; its/it’s; affect/effect; practice/practise.
-A few simple exercises to build your confidence.
-Handouts to remind you of some techniques.
-Introduces the idea of producing a style guide for your company.

The outcome
The outcome of writing good plain English is that you project a professional and strong company image. Clear writing cannot be misunderstood by customers or clients and usually takes up less space – meaning that your message grabs the attention of those reading it.


Trainer Jenny Hakney
My skills are writing and proofreading for newsletters, magazines, brochures and web content. My previous work has carried the plain English Crystal Mark.
Before partial retirement I wrote Bradford Council’s staff newsletter and translated parts of their website, from bins to bereavement, into plain English. As the unofficial ‘grammar queen’ other staff came to me with questions about grammar. I have a degree in the English language with Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse, as well as A levels in Latin and Greek which gives me a deep understanding of our language.

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