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Pitman Training is Joined by McVities, The Society of Heads, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust & law firm Bruntwood and many more… as They ‘Push for Progress’ This International Women’s Day

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This International Women’s Day (March 8), Pitman Training is joining thousands of organisations across the world to celebrate women’s achievements and continue to press for progress by launching a yearlong campaign, which sees them commit to providing free coaching every month, for women in the workplace.

Many of Pitman’s partner companies and clients have already pledged to join Pitman’s IWD Press For Progress Career Coaching campaign. This includes; McVities (Pladis Group), The Society of Heads, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, law firm Bruntwood and over 100 Pitman franchises across the UK, Republic of Ireland and international territories. These companies have committed to share the content within their organisation and allow employees time to explore the content today (International Women’s Day) and beyond but all involved are keen to see more join the mission.

Observed since the early 1900s, International Women’s Day (IWD) is a collective day of global celebration and a call for gender parity and this year, as part of their 180th Birthday celebrations, Pitman Training has invested in activity that they hope will help empower women to take ownership of pushing for progress in their careers.

Pitman Training are committed to sharing FREE coaching and career development content every month throughout 2018. Pitman will continue to partner with entrepreneurs, business leaders, experts and inspirational women to share a collection of bite-sized content and guidance that covers a range of subject matters, that takes a very relaxed interactive approach.

Launched today this section of the website holds free advice and features successful entrepreneur and outspoken Apprentice finalist, Claire Young, as part of a collection of bite-sized content that takes a very relaxed interactive approach. Claire Young’s recorded webinar will share her top tips and insights on how to listen to your own voice, how to harness your intuition and how to build and create confidence in the workplace that will help you achieve your career goals, alongside exercises for the audience to undertake.

Alongside this sits content from Pitman Training’s MD, Claire Lister who will talk about her own career journey and how she climbed the corporate ladder as she sets out to inspire and motivate others on using transferable skills to build the career for them. Pitman also includes their ‘Career Animal’ Quiz, created to help us identify what drives us at work by identifying our motivations.

Success coach and bestselling author, Emma Stirk will also provide a Guest Vlog about ‘Bringing Joy to your Job’ as part of Pitman’s mission to help the UK fall back in love with their careers, and Emma shares her advice on how to focus on own self-development, how to create a mindset that creates happiness at work, and how motivate for change if that’s what we desire.

Further content includes a session entitled ‘Equal Does not Mean Identical: Communication & Gender in the Workplace’ which explores the differences between men and women when it comes to communication in the workplace and how women can understand and work with these differences, with advice and tips on how to overcome the problems and benefit from opportunities to enhance confidence and optimise productivity.

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Pitman Training Group Managing Director, Claire Lister said: “This is something totally different for us and I’m so excited to be launching our Pitman ‘Push for Progress’ career coaching campaign and sharing this wonderful free content that we have created to help others. In the 100 years since some women were first given the vote, the UK has seen huge changes in women’s roles, but there is still more to achieve. We are so excited to have been able to get agreement from key organisations across the UK that they will allocate time for their female colleagues to explore this content, as we all work together to continue to support the progression of women in the workplace.”

“At Pitman we have trained thousands of people over our 180 years, helping them to develop new skills or build on old ones, to support them in achieving their career dreams. We’ve worked with celebs and trained people within the BBC, ITV and some large corporate organisations. The majority of our customers are women and I see part of our role as being to empower them with confidence to achieve their goals and to reach their full potential, through advancing their skills.”

“Women have an innate tendency to multi-task. It’s something we are naturally good at, and we also have very active minds. We are always looking for the next thing to be done, to achieve, to challenge us, and I think this is fantastic! It makes life interesting and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love working with women who are proactive in learning new skills, trying new things and always looking forward – and this is how we press for progress. We don’t stand still, we evolve ourselves and our roles, to make them what we want them to be.”

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