2021 the year of innovation, partnerships and a brand new campaign for Pro11 Wellbeing

Pro11 Wellbeing are the Yorkshire sport and wellbeing brand that lead the way for orthotic and sporting products for a worldwide customer base. Backed by industry professionals and even the NHS, they know the importance and benefits their range can offer men and women of all ages and sporting abilities.

Pro11 Wellbeing has grown from being a 1-product brand to now offering over 150+ lines to customers worldwide. Managing Director of Pro11 Wellbeing Ltd, Andrew Dickinson said “I’m so proud of what we have achieved as a team, especially over the last 12 months when many business’ have faced financial strain and unfortunate challenges. Fortunately for us, we have seen an increase in product sales as many consumers seized the extra time at home as a health re-charge and used lockdown as an investment into themselves – which is everything our products stand for.”

Andrew has also supported several individual charities and fundraisers with essential products and continues to champion others who put their body under extreme tests to raise funds and awareness for charity.

Pro11 Wellbeing’s guiding philosophy has always been to provide “premium-quality at a highly competitive price” and that is translated by the fact they supply regularly to the NHS, confirming that they’ve delivered on that promise.

Looking towards the future Andrew plans to make Pro 11 wellbeing a brand that customers trust in for their health and wellbeing needs, as well as being a go-to for professional athletes and practitioners; “It’s important that there’s no age restrictions when it comes to our products. A lot of people may think that an orthotic insole is something only worn by an elder generation when in fact we have a lot of young men and women reaching out and thanking us for offering something that they can wear in confidence too.”

The brand is in the beginning stages of a campaign re-brand with a fresh look for their best-selling products set to launch in the Summer. The aim is to show the modern consumer and market that the Pro11 Wellbeing range is not stuck to one-type of customer and in fact is something useable for all demographics.