AgileAcoustics Creates Relaxing Space for Bettys&Taylors Staff

Agile Acoustics

Staff dining facilities are an important part of any workplace. A relaxing break area can boost morale and productivity. This is something the team behind Bettys&Taylors of Harrogate understands well. The renowned Yorkshire brands recently improved their headquarters’ dining room with the help of AgileAcoustics.

Bettys&Taylors, known for tradition and quality, wanted to create a peaceful space for staff breaks. AgileAcoustics updated the room with its AgileCLOUD innovation. This provided a “feast for the senses” with aesthetics and noise cancellation.

The suspended, upholstered acoustic ceiling panels were introduced to improve the room’s acoustics – and the result was happier colleagues, owing to a hugely improved space.

Stuart Jones, AgileAcoustics’ CEO, explained: “Regular breaks in a relaxing environment can significantly increase wellbeing and productivity. Our AgileCLOUDs not only brighten up spaces with their unique design but, more importantly, they dramatically enhance acoustics in notoriously noisy areas like canteens.”

The captivating cloud-shaped design of AgileCLOUDs was an instant hit for the teams at Bettys&Taylors of Harrogate. Designed and hand-crafted with precision in AgileAcoustics’ Salts Mill workshop, the panels are available in an array of colours, shapes, and sizes, allowing for tailored solutions for every space.

The introduction of the panels into the shared dining area of both brands has significantly reduced sound reverberation, echo, and the usual clamour of a busy canteen.

“The results have been striking,” added Stuart. “Beyond just enhancing the aesthetics, we’ve been able to create a soothing environment where the team at Bettys&Taylors can genuinely relax. This project underscores our commitment to marrying design and functionality.”

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