Branded mask service faces up to new normal

Bradford-based Dominion Print has launched a new service supplying protective face masks with bespoke branding for businesses and organisations in a wide range of sectors.

The company has created the Let’s Face It range of reusable coverings which are designed to specification by Dominion’s creative team and manufactured at its factory in Yorkshire. Well established as a multi-format design and print supplier, Dominion has invested in specialist production resources and product development to focus on performance and material quality, including optional single or double one-way air vents, enabling clients to provide their staff and customers with machine washable branded wear which meets PPE regulatory standards and offers long-lasting use.

Dominion believes that its in-house UK manufacturing will give Let’s Face It a competitive advantage through stricter quality control and reduced lead times compared to rival suppliers which outsource production and import their products. For every Let’s Face It product sold, Dominion will be donating a percentage of the revenue to a chosen charity.

Verity Clark, Director at Dominion Print, said:

“Communities and businesses throughout the UK are being encouraged to embrace the use of protective face coverings and wearing them is going to be a way of life for the foreseeable future. It has become the new normal for our daily activities in shared spaces. Branded clothing, items and accessories are a major part of promotion and brand reinforcement in many industries, particularly leisure and hospitality, so it makes sense to utilise face masks in the same way. We can tailor the covers to suit requirements, including branding, logos and slogans.

“All businesses and organisations have a duty to maintain a bio-secure working environment and equip their employees with the necessary resources to do their job safely, but providing protective wear for customers, other stakeholders and the public demonstrates an extra level of care which makes its own statement, beyond the impact of the branding. Providing masks designed in line with official PPE guidelines is also a far more reliable way to manage risk than expecting people to bring their own coverings.”

Having carried out market research in a variety of sectors, Dominion has concluded that durability is a priority for many potential clients seeking to procure protective wear.

Dominic Clark, Managing Director at Dominion Print, said:

“We found that many SMEs and larger organisations prefer reusable masks over disposable masks. A lot of companies are conscious of the environmental benefits of machine washable versions. In the long-term, they are more cost-effective as a staff resource and they have the potential to prolong and expand brand visibility as customers continue to use them in their everyday lives. Our covers are ideal for all scenarios and suitable for day to day activities including cycling, commuting and running. They are shaped to prevent slippage during speech and reduce contact with the nose and mouth to maximise breathing space. The air vent options are ideal for extended wearing or vigorous exercise as they reduce heat and increase comfort. In addition to our design services for businesses, we have launched a Let’s Face It ecommerce website at to enable individual customers to upload their own designs and order their bespoke masks.”

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