Burning Brighter Together

Maureen and Robert

Two of Yorkshire’s most creative talents have joined forces to ensure the county shines even brighter during these dark times – even on the world stage.

Renowned wildlife artist and photographer Robert Fuller has combined with aromatherapist Maureen Connor in a powerful partnership, inspiring the launch of his first-ever animal themed, candle and reed diffuser collection.

They depict either hares or a barn owl, visually created by Robert himself – which are available from his farm-based gallery at Thixendale, near Malton or online (via www.robertefuller.com).

Maureen is the founder of Huddersfield-based Snug Aromatics and manufactures her own range of unique scents, with aromatherapy oils infused into handmade natural wax candles and reed diffusers, as part of an evolving product portfolio.

Robert is thrilled to join forces and says Maureen’s products are selling really well. “I’m very pleased with how it’s all going. The candles and diffusers sit really well within our product range which spans a vast array of animal inspired creations.

“When you walk into the gallery you can smell the candles straight away. It’s a lovely and natural aromatic experience. You never know when you bring a new product line out if it’s going to work. But this has been an instant success. We are delighted. These are unique and very high quality candles and diffusers. They are very natural, long lasting and proving very popular.”

Robert revealed: “It’s been a strange year but we’ve had a good year. We’ve had to triumph through adversity. There’s been a lot more social media and engagement online with our client base who have been exceptional to help get us through.

“We have 12 people working here. We’ve not lost any jobs. Next year should be even better. We’re looking a lot more at the global market now. Social media has helped us attract a wider audience whereas before it was more UK-based. Every week we are sending more orders overseas throughout the range.”

He concluded: “It’s very rewarding to team up with another creative Yorkshire talent. Yorkshire is a brilliant powerful brand and is becoming a worldwide brand now. I’m really pleased and proud to be working with Mo and I’m equally proud of the county itself.”

The candles and reed diffusers are priced at £30 each or £55 for two.