Candle Sales Ignite


Stressed-out Yorkshire residents are turning to aromatherapy in huge numbers to help relax and unwind during these troubled times.

Qualified aromatherapist Maureen Connor has seen a 500% increase in sales this year and says candles and reed diffusers can significantly boost mental well-being – as the country prepares for a tough winter, possible second lockdown and growing unemployment.

Creative candle maker Mo, founder of Huddersfield-based Snug Aromatics, says there is a strong link between scents and memories to provide comfort, especially during difficult days. Business is booming so much that she’s investing in additional storage facilities, recruiting extra staff and launching a discounted ‘care package’ to help students living with lockdown restrictions.

“People are worried for many reasons just now; avoiding illness, saving their business or job, protecting their families or just loneliness and isolation. It’s important to inspire a healthy mind as well as body in these troubled times.”

Mo has developed her own 10 unique scents and highlighted: “One of the biggest things that can invoke memories, apart from music, is scent. Attached to a memory, it can instantly transport you back to a happy place and moment in time. Scent is more powerful than most people realise.”

With 18 years experience as an aromatherapist and perfumer, Mo says the impact of smell is not to be sniffed at. “Essential oils such as chamomile and lavender are natural sedatives and can relax your mind to help with sleep.”

She pointed out: “In these challenging times, it’s more important than ever to unwind and switch-off. Candles and diffusers are the perfect way to transport yourself to a calmer and more peaceful place and we’ve witnessed a big growth in demand.”

Snug is also aware how difficult it is for students who are returning to university, or starting courses for the very first time. “What they are currently experiencing is very different to the university experience they expected,” Mo emphasised. “To give comfort and inspire ‘inner peace’ we’ve created a discounted ‘Student Care Package’ on our website – comprising a 30cl candle, votive candle, a snug reed diffuser and a room spray – for those studying whilst living with lockdown restrictions.”