Chancellor has wasted a golden opportunity to build new affordable homes

Ali Akbor OBE

The chief executive of Leeds-based housing association Unity Homes and Enterprise has expressed his disappointment that Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak did not include renewed investment in genuinely affordable homes in the Government’s package of economic measures announced today.

Ali Akbor OBE said: “The Chancellor had the chance to place a new house-building programme at the heart of the Government’s pandemic recovery plan, but he failed to take it.

“The housing association sector has never been shy in calling on successive Governments to tackle the national housing crisis by building the many genuinely affordable homes the country needs.

“Given his desire to keep people in work and create more jobs in the wake of the economic damage inflicted by Covid-19, the timing was never more appropriate than now.

“It was a golden opportunity that the Chancellor has wasted.”

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