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Club Insure partners with hero Wellbeing

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Leeds-based specialist insurance brokers, Club Insure has today announced a brand new partnership with workplace wellbeing experts, hero. The partnership will see Club Insure help to launch hero’s new app, Navigator, and further demonstrates the insurance broker’s dedication to wellbeing.

The app and online platform will help staff keep track of their personal health and wellbeing by linking to wearables such as Apple Watches and Fitbits, and giving key information about nutrition, sleep and exercise through the wellbeing library.
The partnership will run for an initial 12 months, with an extension planned for 2020 and beyond.
The announcement has already gone down well with staff members at Club Insure, who are pleased to see the company show such commitment to the wellbeing of its staff. More than 1 million steps have already been clocked by the staff members who have signed up.
Club Insure has a history of supporting wellbeing through running clubs, wellbeing challenges and lunchtime mindfulness sessions. The partnership with hero will connect all the current activity as well as encouraging users to live a healthier life away from work.
The partnership has already started with a series of one-to-one health checks for Club Insure staff by the Director of Content and Delivery at hero, Andy Birbeck.
The health checks measure height, weight, cholesterol levels, hip to waist ratio and a number of other health indicating factors. The information gathered via this health check will combine with the answers from lifestyle questions answered through the app to give a user a general idea of their health and areas for improvement.
Club Insure Director, Victoria Romero-Trigo, said of the partnership, ‘I’m delighted to bring hero wellbeing and their app on board to help our staff become fitter, healthier and happier. We know so much more than we used to about keeping a healthy balance between physical and mental health, and the hero wellbeing app does a great job of tracking a user’s complete wellbeing profile.
We’ve already started to set some challenges for our staff within the app, and I’m delighted to say that some friendly rivalry has already started with staff members showing they’re committed to losing weight and gaining a positive work-life balance.’
Club Insure are one of the leading specialist brokers in the UK. For more information about their commitment to staff wellbeing and happiness, head to

February 12, 2019 |

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