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Operational Improvement & Efficiency – Implementing LEAN thinking

Categories: Workshops

July 18, 2018

Description: This MasterClass discusses the problems and challenges to be overcome when implementing LEAN thinking and improving efficiency. Implementation techniques, including Rapid Experiment Techniques will be discussed and reviewed for applicability in different situations. We will then discuss the common problems that organisations experience when trying to use LEAN and when… Read more...


ISO Certification

Categories: Workshops

July 25, 2018

Description: This Masterclass will cover: • Introduction to ISO certification • Benefits of ISO certification • ISO9001 overview • ISO14001 overview • ISO45001 overview • Internal audits • Certification process • Q&A ISO Certification was last modified: June 19th, 2018 by SCRGHEP Read more...


Personal Leadership and the Responsibilities of a Manager Masterclass

Categories: Workshops

September 6, 2018

Description: This Masterclass will explore personal leadership and responsibilities of a manager, and encourage managers to be aware of their own styles and methods and how they affect their team’s performance. Self-awareness is defined as the ability to reflect on and accurately assess one’s own behaviours and skills as they are… Read more...

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