Despatch Cloud Announce Free Brexit Webinar Series

Matthew Dunne, Founder of Despatch Cloud and Lead Speaker at the Webinar

Yorkshire based e-commerce software company, Despatch Cloud, today announced that they will be holding a free webinar series online on 10th February 2021 at 11am called Mitigating the Brexit Effect.

This series of webinars will discuss the misconceptions around shipping internationally after Brexit and how you can mitigate the inevitable consequences on your online business and your customers. Many are unprepared for what Brexit will mean for their business operations, especially the influence on shipping their products to countries in the EU. Despatch Cloud has joined with Samos e-commerce to deliver a webinar series that will discuss these implications and how to minimise them.

Ecommerce businesses and others who are interested in understanding the effects of Brexit on international shipping can register for the webinar for free at

Matthew Dunne, Technical Director and Founder of Despatch Cloud, will be leading the presentation and will discuss how the multi-channel shipping, order and stock management software company plans to contend with the effects of Brexit. While Brexit is set to impact e-commerce businesses in many notable ways, Despatch Cloud remains optimistic about their own and their customers’ ability to adapt to the coming challenges. Matthew stated that “there is understandably fear about the situation with exporting to the EU based on the uncertainty whipped up by the media, but the new rules are just a procedure to follow, and with the right information there is little reason why UK businesses should miss out on this huge market on our doorstep, our greatest desire is to get UK PLC exporting”.

Speakers from Samos e-commerce, who recently integrated with Despatch Cloud, will also present. Simon Perkins will discuss how Cross Border logistics will work and how your company can benefit from cheaper customs clearance and Alex Wyatt from SimplyVAT who will explain the VAT changes and how you can work efficiently with the new rules.

This webinar series is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in the effects of Brexit on e-commerce companies to gain insight into information not easily accessible through other channels. Each speaker will present for approximately 15 minutes with time for you to ask live questions at the end of each section.

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