Digital marketing agency attributes growth to young and vibrant multilingual team

AdsVentures team

AdsVentures, a Leeds-based digital marketing agency founded in 2016 and specialising in Google Ads & Social Media advertising, has put the success of its rapidly growing business down to its multilingual, young, and tenacious team members.

During the COVID-19 breakout, the agency saw an influx of new e-commerce businesses keen to operate in many different territories. Recruiting staff that spoke a number of different languages enabled AdsVentures to deliver digital campaigns across multiple markets from one place.

Director at AdsVentures, Stephane Ganach said, “When the world moved significantly more online due to the pandemic, we saw an opportunity to support both international and UK based clients, including those looking to expand further and wider and into new territories’’.

“We recruited local talented individuals who spoke different languages and provided them with training and development programmes to give them the right skill set, knowledge and confidence to deliver successful campaigns for our clients.“

Prior to launching AdsVentures, Stephane, originally from Paris worked for Google as a Google Ads Acquisition Manager supporting international online marketing agencies.

AdsVentures grew from a team of 3 in 2020, to an agency now made up of 10 multilingual staff members from countries including England, France, Germany, Poland, Greece, Israel and Latvia.

Within this dynamic team are two apprentices and AdsVentures is looking to recruit a further two more in 2022. The agency works with a local apprenticeship provider and offers a hands-on approach to training to give young people the opportunity to gain experience in an ever-evolving sector which is showing no signs of slowing down.

Stephane added, “We’ve just moved into a new office in the heart of Chapel Allerton which was central to our growth plans. With a young and diverse team, I wanted to provide an office that they felt proud and excited to work in and the feedback has been just that.

“We have also invested in high level technology so that we can adapt to the changing landscape. The future is leaning towards more automation and machine learning, so we want to ensure we are ahead of the game by adapting to new features so we can deliver the very best results for our clients.”