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Brand and Reputation Management Workshop

6th Floor City Exchange, Albion Street, Leeds, LS1 5ES

For any consumer facing business, your brand and reputation are arguably your most valuable assets.

Whether you’re a company or an individual, whether you’re very much in the public eye or prefer anonymity, getting your strategy wrong when dealing with your brand and reputation (or ignoring them entirely) can bring significant risks.

In this quickly changing world, digital technology allows the publication of sensitive or damaging information to the world at large, often with little or no notice. The rise in social media means everyone now has a voice and your reputation, which may have taken many years to build, can come crashing down in an instant, taking the value of your brand with it.

What steps can you take to avoid this happening in the first place? If the worst has already happened, what can you do?

This practical and interactive breakfast workshop highlights the importance of brand and reputation, and considers the triggers and issues which can all too easily create reputation risk.

Brand and PR experts from Irwin Mitchell and Definition will walk us through the importance of brand: how to build it; how to protect it; and how to exploit it

We hope you can join us for what should be an engaging and thought provoking workshop session.

Agenda :


· Why is Brand and Reputation so important

· How do they tie together

· Real life (high profile) examples of typical Reputation Management issues

Setting the Scene

· Talk through a typical disaster scenario

· What caused it, the immediate issues and the ripple effect

Interactive Element

· 10 mins for the audience to scope out how they would respond and manage the situation

· Group feedback and discussion


· How should you respond

· Best practice tips based on Reputation Lifecycle: Predict, Prepare, Respond, Recover

· Q&A

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