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Trainer - Wendy Spencer

Excel for Beginners

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Airedale Enterprise Services, Sunderland Street, Worth Way, Keighley, BD21 5LE

The course

Our Excel for beginners training workshop is aimed at those people who are new to using Microsoft Excel. This course is a practical training session giving you the opportunity to have a go at creating a spreadsheet from scratch.

The workshop will aim to provide you with an understanding of basic spreadsheet concepts and will provide practical experience in designing a spreadsheet and understand the basic functions involved in creating a spreadsheet.

Is it for you?

The course will introduce you to Excel 2010.

Course is aimed at new employees or people looking for work who will need to use Microsoft Excel as part of the job, People attending must have basic IT skills for example using a mouse and keyboard.

What to expect

What will you learn?

– Load Ms Excel
– Understand the parts of the document window
– Modify the toolbar
– Using Help functions
– Enter spreadsheet contents; insert text, numeric data and simple formulae
– Recognise common error messages
– Use the undo/redo command
– Delete cell contents
– Save the spreadsheet
– Print preview & print
– Fit to specified pages
– Modify margins
– Formatting spreadsheet
– Display numbers as percentages
– Format currency symbols
– Format date styles
– Work with multiple spreadsheets
– Add additional cell content
– Produce charts to analyse data
– Edit/modify charts

The outcome

After the session you will be able to:-

– Load MS Excel
– Create basic spreadsheets and save them in different formats
– Use the help function and modify the toolbar
– Input text, data and formula into cells
– Create mathematical formulas using spreadsheet functions for example Add, Subtract , Multiply & Divide
– Use the edit, undo, redo, cut, copy & paste tools
– Adjust page settings and check spreadsheet content prior to printing and distribution

EQUIPMENT – Laptops will be provided however if you wish to bring your own then please ensure that you have a full copy of Excel 2007 or 2010. All work will be saved to a memory stick so that you can use at a later date.


Trainer Wendy Spencer
Wendy manages the day-to-day running of Airedale Enterprise Services and her main role is to ensure the company’s growth by looking for, and bidding into funding opportunities. Wendy is also an ICT tutor and teaches classes in OCR Clait and European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL).


Book your places now for our 2017 training workshops.
This course will be held at Airedale Enterprise Services. The Course will run from 10am – 2.30pm.

Available Dates:

Tuesday 24th April
Tuesday 19th June
Cost: £40 (inc of VAT)

Certification – All candidates will receive a certificate of attendance outlining the course details.

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