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World Marketing Summit UK

The Father of Marketing Professor Philip Kotler is hosting his inaugural World Marketing Summit in Harrogate on the 18th of November, 2019. Professor Kotler is excited to meet British marketers and will share his vision for Great British Marketing. As he notes:

“It’s a momentous period for United Kingdom’s marketing. With Brexit, the stakes couldn’t be higher but Great British brands have always been at the global vanguard of Transformative Marketing Leadership. It is what puts the GREAT into Great British brands. I am honored and looking forward to sharing my insights on how Great British marketers can continue their legacy as best practice global examples of Transformative Marketing Leadership. It is wonderful to see how the Great British Marketing machinery is already preparing today for tomorrow. I am looking forward to exploring the implications of its approach for sustainability and global success”.

Professor Kotler will focus on how marketing can be leveraged for global and transformative success, using the United Kingdom as a benchmark example. A special emphasis will be on empowering women and safeguarding the welfare of children as the underpinnings of the Future of Marketing.

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