Floorstore achieves remarkable results in Waste Reduction and Sustainability

Kenburn's highly efficient carpet bailer saves costs and reduces waste

Leeds, Wakefield, and Harrogate Floorstore, a proud member of the Jim’s Carpet Group with a rich history dating back to 1961, has taken significant strides towards a greener and more sustainable future. Working with waste management solutions leader Kenburn, Floorstore has successfully diverted new and uplifted recyclable carpets and underlays from landfills, making substantial progress towards its goal of achieving a 100% reduction in landfill waste.

The global waste management crisis and the detrimental impact of landfill sites on the environment served as a catalyst for Floorstore’s commitment to positive change and inspiring the company to set out to address the challenge of preventing leftover carpets from ending up in landfills and instead repurposing them for the benefit of consumers, local businesses, and the environment.

Thanks to the implementation of Kenburn’s highly efficient carpet bailer, Floorstore achieved remarkable outcomes in its waste reduction efforts. The carpet bailer applies substantial force to compress carpet cut-offs, producing bales of compacted carpet that are ready for distribution. This innovative recycling technique not only saves costs and reduces waste but also significantly improves the working environment and saves valuable time.

To further enhance the recycling process, the compressed carpet cut-offs undergo shredding and blending with other fibres. This transformative process breaks down the textiles into fine particles, known as “flock,” which are then re-baled and sent for felting. Through felting, the flock is reconstituted into a non-woven web and thermally bonded into high-quality felt sheets.

Steve Walker, Floorstore Director, expressed his enthusiasm for the company’s sustainability initiatives, stating, “We realize that our actions and initiatives account for only a small percentage of the UK’s contribution to improving our climate, but, with our current collaborations, we have the capability to act upon climate change on a larger scale than many, and so, we feel even more responsibility to act.”

Floorstore’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond their collaboration with Kenburn. They are affiliated with Carpet Recycling UK and collaborate with other companies like Sonoco Recycling to keep waste materials such as cardboard, plastic, and wood out of landfills. Additionally, the company actively participates in Forbo’s “Back to the Floor” project, recycling clean-off cuts and waste into new flooring materials.

Through their determination to achieve a 100% reduction in landfill waste, Floorstore sets an inspiring example for the industry and aligns with the global imperative to reduce waste levels. The range of high-quality felt sheets, created from recycled materials, stands as a testament to their dedication to sustainability.

For more information about Floorstore’s sustainable initiatives and innovative recycling techniques, please visit www.floorstoregroup.co.uk


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