From Yorkshire To Hollywood, Leeds Agency Flaunt Digital Collaborate On J. Lo AI Project For Virgin Voyages

Leeds digital agency Flaunt Digital have partnered with Virgin Voyages to create a showstopping AI experience, Jen AI, featuring none other than Jennifer Lopez herself. The project uses AI to create a memorable experience when organising a cruise, by creating a customised invite and itinerary with an AI generated video and audio of J. Lo.

The project comes after Jennifer Lopez was appointed as Chief Entertainment & Lifestyle Officer at Virgin Voyages.

Flaunt Digital were responsible for looking after everything front end web development. This primarily consisted of bringing the design and assets to life with a mobile-first website.

The website had to be fast-loading, slick, easy to use (and above all, fun!) so the development team had to pull out all the stops to make this project user friendly. Jamie Shields, CTO at Flaunt Digital said, “every website that has many high-resolution, pretty assets to show off will always need some thought behind making the page quick to load. The team experimented with multiple file formats, preloading methods, web hosts and optimisations to get a result where the user can consume everything without waiting too long.”

The project has been a huge success and one that the team is very proud of. Taking over the homepage of at launch and also emailed out to all of Virgin Voyages customers, the project has already seen thousands of bespoke AI videos generated and voyage invites sent.

Jamie added, “As soon as the dev team got briefed on this project, we knew it was going to be a good one! It’s not every day you get to build a web frontend showcasing a celebrity AI model, that’s for sure. The quality of videography, editing, AI, and all the other disciplines, combined with our expertise in front end web development created something truly memorable which we will no doubt be proud of for years to come.”

If you’re interested in hearing exactly how the Flaunt Digital team tackled this project, you can find a full case study over on their site.

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