Independent Leeds Retailer, The Style Attic Push For More Body Positivity And Inclusivity

The Style Attic founder and owner, Leigh Unwin

It’s an experience that most women can recall, standing in the changing rooms of their favourite shop struggling to close the zip on a pair of jeans and feeling embarrassed at the prospect of having to size up. Independent womenswear retailer, The Style Attic, have spent the summer helping to rid women of this feeling with their, #sizedoesnotdefineus campaign.

Leigh Unwin, founder of The Style Attic said, “ We want to help women realise that the size of clothing we wear has absolutely no effect on our worth. For too long women have equated smaller sizes with being happier, and looking better, but it’s time to change that! We believe that everyone deserves to feel happy, comfortable and beautiful in their clothes regardless of their size.”

With this mission in mind, The Style Attic launched a ‘free size’ clothing range which means that women no longer have to define themselves by a clothes size.

This range features a number of pieces which can be worn flowing or form fitting, depending on your shape and how you chose to style them. The Style Attic’s idea behind this range is to remove some of the pressure that women feel about fitting into a certain size.

Leigh said, “Many women, myself previously included, spend countless hours worrying about fitting into a certain item of clothing because it’s the size that they think they should be. But we’re not supposed to ‘fit’ into our clothes, our clothes are supposed to fit us and, if they don’t, then they aren’t the right clothes and we should be finding some that do instead of trying to change ourselves to fit.”

The ‘#sizedoesnotdefineus’ campaign, which The Style Attic launched on social media this summer, was embraced by many women with fashion influencers such as Leeds local, Hannah Briggs, telling their followers about The Style Attics campaign.

Natalie Kersey, social influencer and body positive activist said, “This campaign shows that my size 22 body can wear the exact same dress as someone who wears regular size clothes. This divide needs to stop, size inclusivity is the way forward. Plus sizes are normal sizes!”

With the message ‘our size does not define us’, helping many women to rid themselves from the negative constraints of the traditional clothing scale, The Style Attic hope that they continue to show women of all shapes and sizes that, free size clothing or not, the size of the clothes that they wear has absolutely no effect on their worth.

Everyone deserves to feel happy and beautiful in the clothes that they wear and most importantly, themselves.