Joe Browns Collaborates With Dr Ella Russell To Champion Comfort and Confidence for Women Navigating Menopause

Joe Browns Collaborates With Dr Ella Russell On Menopause Campaign

October marks the start of Menopause Awareness Month, which aims to raise awareness of the significant journey women undergo and the support options available for those who are going through the transitional chapter of menopause.

A recent survey shows that 67%* of women in the UK reported a loss of confidence during menopause, and Google search data shows that over the last ten years, searches have tripled for the term “menopause”.

With more people than ever looking for information about the topic, Joe Browns have collaborated with Dr. Ella Russell, widely known as the Yorkshire Menopause Doctor, to share expert advice and style tips for those who are going through menopause.

Expert Tips for Menopausal Comfort and Confidence in Wardrobe Choices

There are at least 34 known symptoms of menopause, with 70% of UK women finding hot flushes “very/somewhat difficult” during this period*. Dr Ella has explained the importance of being conscious about your clothing choices and being confident in what you are wearing by considering the fabrics, layering opportunities and clothing silhouettes.

Embrace Natural Fabrics

Dr Ella advises women to avoid synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, satin and cotton mixes. “Where possible, steer clear of heavy denim and leather jackets. These items tend to trap heat in, potentially exacerbating hot flushes and discomfort,” she explains. “While garments crafted from these materials may well be stylish, they aren’t the best choice for women experiencing symptoms of menopause.”

Embracing comfortable fabrics is crucial during menopause. Natural materials, such as cotton, linen and silk, are highly breathable, allowing air to pass through the fibres, which can help to regulate body temperature. Additionally, they’re soft against the skin, reducing the risk of irritation.

Choose Versatile Layering

“Layering is one of the best strategies for creating a menopause-friendly wardrobe,” explains Dr Ella, “Items that can be unzipped or unbuttoned are a great option for allowing more air to circulate if you’re experiencing hot flushes.”

By incorporating lightweight jackets, cardigans and waistcoats, you can easily adapt to fluctuating temperatures. Choose pieces that can be easily added or removed to remain comfortable throughout the day.

Opt For Loose Silhouettes

“Loose silhouettes can significantly help to promote comfort as the body undergoes changes during menopause”.

Floaty dresses, button-up shirts, and wide-leg trousers offer a relaxed fit while maintaining a chic and stylish appearance.

Dr Ella explains that “staying happy with how you look and confident in how you appear can be challenging for some women during the perimenopause and menopause”. Crafting a capsule wardrobe tailored to your unique needs is a transformative step towards navigating your menopause journey.

Jane Reik, Joe Browns Buying Director, added, “The secret to dressing confidently is to feel comfortable. The more comfortable you feel in your outfit, the more you enjoy what you’re doing at work or a night out with the girls.

Here at Joe Browns, the buying and design team work hard to find prints, fabric and shapes that make women walk that bit taller and laugh that bit louder when you’re wearing them.”

Joe Browns have worked with Dr Ella to create a capsule wardrobe to help women feel good this autumn season.

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