Krehalon Joins Oh Yes! Net Zero to Create a Greener Future

Krehalon, a global manufacturer of flexible shrink barrier packaging for the fresh food industry, has joined the Oh Yes! Net Zero campaign.

With the mission to establish Hull and the Humber as a leader in achieving net zero carbon emissions, Oh Yes! Net Zero is an ambitious undertaking that invites organisations, communities and individuals to get involved. Located on Innovation Drive in Hull, Krehalon UK has ramped up its green efforts in multiple ways to support this environmentally responsible ethos.

A main focus for Krehalon is photovoltaic energy, with its large manufacturing facility hosting 600 solar panels that produce an average of 55,378 kilowatt hours per year. This enables the company to run 25% of its production line through solar energy, significantly reducing its carbon footprint in the process. The company has also installed electric charging points for employees who drive hybrid cars. Currently, 50% of its car fleet is hybrid and the remaining 50% will move to electric and hybrid vehicles within the next 18 months.

Recycling is also high on Krehalon’s green agenda, as the company collaborates with local waste management suppliers to ensure that baled plastic waste is given another purpose where possible. Between 85 and 90 tonnes of baled plastic waste are removed from the site each year, with collections now taking place in 15-tonne instalments rather than every week. This reduces the number of pick-ups over the course of 12 months, which means fewer carbon emissions generated by collection vehicles.

Andrew Thompson, UK & Ireland Sales Manager at Krehalon, said: “It’s a real team effort at Krehalon and everyone is working towards three main targets. Firstly, landfill is simply no longer an option. Secondly, despite the potential need for extra energy recovery options during the current crisis, we are reducing our dependency on incineration and keeping energy recovery to a minimum.

“Last but not least, we work with waste management specialists to identify innovative opportunities where our plastic waste can either be chemically recycled, reprocessed or used for non-food applications. It’s a complex undertaking but well worth the effort, as it places the wellbeing of our planet firmly at its core.”

Krehalon is investing time and expertise into continuously improving these green processes, with the objective being for at least 50 tonnes of plastic waste per year to be used for alternative non-food products such as bin liners.

Andrew added: “All of this hard work and determination is taking place alongside our recently launched KreCycle™ product range, which uses polyolefins to enable mechanical recycling without compromising shelf life and sealing performance. By joining Oh Yes! Net Zero, Krehalon is part of a powerful movement to drive down carbon emissions and take positive action on climate change.”

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