Langleys Solicitors launch first advertising campaign to change perceptions of law firms

York and Lincoln-based solicitors, Langleys, has launched its first-ever display advertising campaign to highlight the new position of the firm following the sale of its insurance law team, as it challenges people’s perceptions of what it is like to work with a law firm.

The out of home campaign comes as part of the business’s new positioning as a different kind of law firm, distinct from its competitors in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and beyond.

Working with marketing agency Gasp!, Langleys aims to present a clear and simple message, that law with Langleys is easy, ‘Langleeeasy’. By using its own name, the business has created a unique design that cannot be replicated by competitors.

The campaign harnesses all channels of communication, with advertisements placed on buses and billboards in Lincoln and York, as well as in local press, online, lifestyle magazines and local radio stations.

The advertisements share the message that law doesn’t need to be complex, it can be easy to understand and simple to follow. The campaign leads on the idea that Langleys can support when times get tough, personally and in business, and take the stress out of difficult situations.

To inform the campaign Langleys undertook detailed market research into existing levels of awareness, with the campaign aiming to improve brand awareness and salience, increase the number of enquiries and clients across all practices, and position Langleys as the law firm of choice in the area.

The colour scheme for the advertisement was chosen as a result of an audit of competitors, which found that claret and gold were the most underused colours, in contrast to blue and green, used by more than 65% of the market, again setting the firm apart. Additionally, research demonstrated that many law firms rely on images more than typography and when words were used, they were often full of jargon. As a result, Langleys has led with simple, easy to understand, word focused advertising.

Lee Grunnell, director of marketing and business development at Langleys, said: “We’re delighted with our first display advertising campaign, and are excited by the initial results and feedback from those that have seen it in the flesh. The campaign is part of Langleys’ vision to build a forward thinking legal services business that changes people’s perceptions about what it’s like to work with and for a law firm. We want to show people that law isn’t as complex as they think, and that we make it easy to follow, easy to understand, and easy for people to get what they need doing, done.”