Leeds agency says businesses are ready to reboot

Businesses across Yorkshire are gearing up to reboot from lockdown, according to Leeds agency, Creative Marketing Services.

The company has received a surge of enquiries from organisations anxious to put marketing campaigns in place to move from lockdown to full production in the shortest possible time. Two months of business on hold has prompted many firms to take stock of their strategy and many are seeing the next few months as a critical period of re-mobilisation.

Managing Director, Andrew Batty, commented:

“The hiatus caused by lockdown has given directors some time to reset and consider their next steps. Many have concluded that those organisations fastest off the block when the starting pistol fires are the ones which will pick up market share in the next twelve months. We have spoken to various existing and prospective clients eager to organise new marketing campaigns, particularly through digital channels such as social media which can be activated quickly for immediate impact. Many have already hit the ground running to their advantage. For example, when government recently announced on 13th May that estate agents and housebuilders can reopen their doors and offer viewings, our clients in property and construction had new marketing campaigns ready to launch on the same day.”

Having been established for 38 years, Creative Marketing Services has experienced many recessions in that period. Mr Batty believes that the trajectory of the post-lockdown recovery will contrast with previous downturns.

“I think this one is different,” he said. “It’s expected to be V-shaped, caused by the sudden nature of the close down. Every company is keen to get back to where they were, but some have simply mothballed their operations. That’s an understandable response given the circumstances, but I believe it’s a mistake – it’s essential for an organisation to communicate with its clients and potential clients and tell them that not only are they ready to start, but also able to meet client demands. Based on our discussions with Yorkshire businesses in the past month, many companies agree with that thinking.”

Based at Hollinthorpe Hall, on the North East fringes of the city, Creative Marketing Services provide services for organisations across public, private and third sectors. The company’s extensive client list includes sections of the United Nations, governmental departments and brand leaders in tourism, scientific, construction, logistics and retail.

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