Leeds businesswoman breaks menopause taboo

Leeds author Jacqueline Golding (left) with Pauline Macnamara of Unity Enterprise at the launch of ‘The Secret Diaries of Menopausal Women’

Leeds businesswoman Jacqueline Golding has launched her debut novel which centres on the taboo subject of the menopause.

‘The Secret Diaries of Menopausal Women’ is a compilation of stories woven into Jacqueline’s personal quest to create a unique ‘Sisterhood.’

She recited passages from the book in a special event at Unity Business Centre in Chapeltown, where she has been a tenant for many years, and took part in a lively question and answer session with invited guests.

Of British/Irish and Jamaican heritage, Jacqueline has spent her career supporting underprivileged and vulnerable members of society as a youth worker, family support worker, children’s residential worker and independent skills advisor.

She said: “Menopause is finally being spoken about but simply having a voice isn’t enough.

“My book is about breaking the taboo with transparent stories that I hope will pave the way for future generations of women to own their truths.

“After meeting my own menopause head-on and realising how the transition affects mental health, I set myself the challenge of writing a book as a source of support for women during their own transition.

“It features the highs, the lows, the hot flushes, finding enlightenment and everything in between.

“I hope women and men take the opportunity to read my book with a smile.”

‘The Secret Diaries of Menopausal Women’ has already had its first review.

Roshan Pitteea wrote: “Parts of this book will make you roar with laughter as you realise that you’ve already met these women (and their menopause) in some form or another – maybe a friend, family member or even yourself?

“But far from using humour to gloss over the profound, life-changing impact of menopause, Golding fearlessly tackles the symptoms and issues in a warm yet unflinching manner to give her readers a real ‘chin-hairs and all’ perspective.

“Make no mistake, this book isn’t just for women. Men need to pick this book up too so that they can better support the women in their lives.”

Unity Homes and Enterprise Chief Executive Cedric Boston: “We were delighted to host the launch of Jacqueline’s debut novel at Unity Business Centre where she is a popular and long-standing tenant.

“Her love and flair for writing is well known. I have no doubt that the book will be a huge success.”