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Leeds Business Forum

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Who do you ask for support when you’re just starting out? How do you keep things fresh when you’ve been in business for some time? Where do you go for ideas and inspiration?

Leeds Business Forum is a group of like-minded business people which exists to help new / start-up and more established businesses to grow and prosper.

If we say so ourselves – and we do! – the combined experience and talent of our members is pretty impressive. And it’s increasing all the time as we welcome new members with businesses at every stage of development. We meet every fortnight to network, pass leads, offer and ask for advice, have a chat and enjoy a great breakfast.

Always a warm welcome for new members. Always happy for start-ups to pick our brains.

Leeds Business Forum members benefit from skills and experiences of other like-minded people and support each other in building companies better equipped to face the challenges we all face.

We are always interested in new members subject to there being room at our meetings. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us.

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