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Network North – Yeadon

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  • The Yeadon Stoops, Beefeater Grill, Victoria Avenue, Yeadon, LS19 7AW
  • 0191 300 9050

Network North has been established since 2008, it was started to give local businesses the opportunity to network successfully in a structured yet informal environment. By meeting the same people weekly at the same venue you can build up the “Know-Like-Trust” needed to build relationships and refer each other with confidence.

Our meetings, whilst running on a structured agenda, are quite informal as we believe there still has to be an element of enjoyment while networking. We believe that meeting over breakfast works much better as you can be back in your office without too much infringement on your working day. We do allow couple of visits to a group before deciding to join but have a look at the members in each group as there’s only one of each business type allowed to join a group.

Structured Agenda Of A Network North Meeting:

• Meet

• 60 second request

• Break for breakfast

• Ten minute presentation (done by a member each week on a rota)

• Brainstorm (done by a member each week on a rota)

• Contribution Session

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