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Perfect People Business Networking Huddersfield Breakfast

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Business networking is the very best way to increase sales, cut costs and maximise profits. It’s a chance to meet business owners or managers in a relaxed safe and friendly environment, find out what they do and then help to find them business when you’re out and about.

It’s a bit like having a sales team out there selling for you, except that you don’t have to pay them a penny!

No business is too big, too small or too specialist to be a part of our network.

We meet at various locations across Yorkshire. We have guests from every industry and every walk of life;

Florists, chocolatiers, holistic therapies, personal trainers, travel agents, solicitors, accountants, print and design agents, insurance brokers, financial agents, stationary suppliers, builders, plumbers, plasterers, clinical hypnotherapists and everything in between. Everyone is treated as equals and made to feel welcome. We don’t have any rules about only having one representative per sector. We don’t think competition is an issue, we have many of the same business types who work together and pass referrals happily to each other. People buy from people and there’s more than enough business to go around for everyone.

What makes us perfect?

Perfect People is similar to other fantastic networking groups out there but we also differ in many ways:

• There is no membership fee
• There are no contracts to tie you in
• You have the option of paying cash on the door or paying on invoice for a number of meetings at once to make a saving
• No restrictions on industry type (ie several from the same industry can be a part)
• No targets to hit for referrals, testimonials or guests/visitors

Coming to Perfect People isn’t about how quickly you can close a deal, you don’t come to us to sell, you come to us to educate us so that we can sell your services for you.

Our philosophy is simple, if you go out of your way to find business for someone else, they will be empowered to do the same for you.

Being in business can be tough, self-employment can be lonely and we have created a team of virtual colleagues who work together to help their businesses to grow.

Some of our attendees are sole traders, some are limited companies and some have huge numbers of staff. Some are employed by large organisation. Our doors are open to everyone.

What’s the format of these “perfect” meetings?

The first thirty minutes of every meeting is relaxed, informal networking over tea and coffee. You will find that our meetings are friendly, warm and welcoming and everyone is greeted and introduced to each other so that you don’t feel like a fish out of water.

We then sit down around a large table and the meeting is introduced by the host, visitors are welcomed and the format for the meeting explained. We will then introduce our speaker for the event. This is normally a regular attendee or sometimes a guest speaker who will talk for approximately 10 minutes and educate us about their business or chosen subject.

We take this in turns as it is a great way to help everyone understand us, our backgrounds, the products/services we offer and most importantly to explain how best we can help them to develop their business.

After this everyone in the room has the opportunity to introduce their business in a 60 second or two minute slot (dependent upon the number of people in the room). This is a chance to tell us about you, what you do and most importantly how we can HELP you. It may be that you need lead generation, an introduction to a specific industry, business or even individual. It may be that you’re looking to cut costs or get expert help in a specific area. Whatever you’re looking for we will be able to help, and if not, we’ll know someone who can!

After the presentations are complete we pass business cards around the room so that we all have each other’s contact details and then we have more informal networking over a meal.

What support is available outside these meetings?

We encourage all attendees to book appointments with each other on a 1-2-1 basis. These are vital as we cannot possibly pass business to people we don’t know or trust. These are not meetings to sell to each other (although this does happen inadvertently sometimes!). It’s an opportunity to educate each other about who you are, what led you to doing what you do now and about your business, it’s products and services and what your future plans are. All of these things help you to get to know each other well. Knowing, liking and trusting each other is the only way to feel comfortable enough to recommend someone to provide products/services to your trusted contacts, friends and family.

We have a private Facebook group which is open to people who attend our meetings at least once per month. You can automatically join this group when you have attended your first meeting.

The Facebook group is used to let all members “virtually” meet each other as our groups are spread across Yorkshire so you’re unikely to meet everyone in #teamperfect

It’s also used for people to ask advice, pass referrals and celebrate successes as well as thanking each other for business referral opportunities publicly.

The group leaders are available outside meetings to help you find the right people to help you, to meet with you to get the best out of networking or just to lend an ear if you need a sounding board. They’ve been there, seen it, done it and got the T shirt so are the perfect people to help you ride the rollercoaster work life.

Perfect People Business Networking Huddersfield Breakfast Meetings
The High Park,
Bradley Road,
9.30am – 11am

Thursday 24th August 2017
Thursday 7th September 2017
Thursday 21st September 2017
Thursday 5th October 2017
Thursday 19th October 2017
Thursday 2nd November 2017
Thursday 16th November 2017
Thursday 30th November 2017
Thursday 14th December 2017

For more information please contact [email protected]

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