Lobster clients enjoy Xmas trade without extra cost

Jeni Steele, Lobster's head of UK.

Logistics and wholesale clients of Chesterfield-based software specialist, Lobster, enjoyed the seasonal peak in trade without incurring additional operational expenses.

The firm’s electronic data integration (EDI) software handles busy periods automatically, without interruptions to service or punitive transaction fees.

Jeni Steele, Lobster’s head of UK, said: “We have heard reports from businesses using inflexible managed services that they had to wait up to 12 weeks to onboard seasonal clients, something Lobster_data allows users to do themselves, super quickly. We know they are also charged eyewatering fees if they exceed monthly data allowances, which is highly likely in the busy Christmas period.”

Lobster_data enables thousands of files in any format to be shared or received automatically and allows clients to add new customers inhouse, improving the speed and efficiency of order processing. It is benchmark tested to 16 million transactions and a stress test, conducted with Konica Minolta, demonstrated it can convert 10,000 EDIFACT documents in just five minutes.

Eastbourne-based book wholesaler, Gardners Books, uses Lobster_data to communicate with suppliers and customers across the globe. It averages around 200,000 order files a month, but this more than doubles in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Bob Peel, the firm’s IT services manager, added: “Thanks to Lobster, EDI just happens. We didn’t notice the extra seasonal volume, as all mappings are created inhouse and the software automatically manages the rest.”

From its headquarters in Germany, Lobster creates easy to use system integration software that reduces costs for clients and drives change by offering seamless communication with third parties.

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