Lobster extols virtues of digital ecosystem

Lobster's head of UK, Jeni Steele.

Chesterfield-based software specialists, Lobster DATA, are launching a new vision to demonstrate how a sustainable, competitive edge can be achieved through digitalisation.

The German group’s head of UK, Jeni Steele, said: “The pandemic has accelerated the need for integrated digital processes and firms that embrace this approach will come out on top.”

Lobster provides user-friendly data integration solutions that connect companies internally and to external partners, automating many back-office processes via a transparent flow of information.

The firm’s Lobster_data and Lobster_pro packages work together to collect and disseminate data through a business and can be configured to match specific processes. By eliminating coding, they enable clients to achieve full digitalisation and benefit from increased efficiency, reduced costs and greater customer satisfaction.

Dr Martin Fischer, Lobster’s managing director, added: “We believe data processes that belong together should not be treated separately. Rather than focusing on isolated internal solutions, or investing in peripheral external areas, we urge clients to prioritise decisions that are comprehensive, scalable, secure and flexible. By developing software that everyone can use, we provide the tools to help companies navigate their digital transformation for long-term viability.”

All of Lobster’s software is built to offer flexible data management and traceable reporting, boosting usability through integration-free process modelling and end-to-end automation. Its packages adapt to the needs of the user, providing accessible, easy-to-operate solutions to complex issues.