Lobster revolutionises PDF handling

Lobster's head of UK, Jeni Steele.

Data integration specialist, Chesterfield-based Lobster, is enhancing its flagship EDI software with the launch of a new module enabling automated PDF processing.

PDF2Data is now available for all Lobster_data customers, making manual back office processes a thing of the past.

Lobster_data is a user-friendly, electronic data interchange package that enables thousands of files, in any format, to be shared or received from third parties automatically, improving the speed and efficiency of order processing. The addition of PDF2Data means PDFs can be handled by the system and minor layout discrepancies recognised, thanks to the self-learning software.

Jeni Steele, Lobster’s head of UK, said: “For many businesses, back office processes grow organically, which makes digital integration quite challenging. For example, invoices are now customarily received as PDF attachments to emails, but as this file format was never intended for machine processing, the data has traditionally been entered manually. Our software now enables the receipt of PDF files to be automated, saving Lobster_data users valuable business hours.”

Lobster has also introduced a WebReview feature to PDF2Data. It allows the system to act as a positive monitoring tool and approve certain data, meaning all PDF processes can be automated, from sending an invoice to entering it into an Enterprise Resource Planning solution.

For more information about Lobster’s data and system integration software, telephone (0114) 399 1551, visit www.lobster-world.com or follow the firm on Twitter, @_lobsteruk