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A mum of 2 from Lindley, Huddersfield is celebrating this week, having just found out that she has become a No.1 Best Selling Author, in several categories on Amazon, with the release of her debut book, Don’t Judge Me.

In just 4 hours after it’s release ‘Don’t Judge Me’ has captured the hearts of mums globally and is an Amazon number 1 best seller in the whole of “Child Care” which covers a huge variety of books for Parenting and Families, beating Supernanny Jo Frost’s Confident Toddler Care and award-winning British Author Lucy Atkins ‘First-time Parent’ book. Donna’s book is also featured as “#1 Hot New Release” on Amazon. Written for mums everywhere, it’s described as focusing on breaking the cycle of ‘mum guilt’ and overwhelm with the aid of humour, honesty and a little wine.

In the world of social mediaand increasing pressure on mums to be polished superwomen succeeding in all areas of their life, Donna Davies, an HR expert, ‘People Experience’ strategist,and founder of More Than Mum Network,brings a reality check with her honest look at motherhood stating that “Imperfect is the new perfect, and we are celebrating it.”

Available now via Amazon [] Donna is hugely overwhelmed about her book’s instant success. She said: “I am just astounded by the response this has had and so so grateful to the team at Authors & Co who helped me bring this to life. I think it’s struck a chord because this book is for every mum who has ever felt judged, guilty, doubted herself, felt stressed, irritated, tearful, angry, annoyed; honestly, the list could go on. I show you that you are not alone, as we all juggle motherhood, relationships, running a house and working. We are all trying to be the best we can and sometimes failing at it; I mean epically failing. I also want this book to be a reminder to all mums that no matter what you think of yourself, your little people love every fibre of you and worship you!”

Bringing this book to life through Authors & Co, whose focus is on telling stories of those who are keen to inspire and leave a legacy, Donna’s dream of writing a book to share her story and help others has materialised in just 6 months from concept to completion and it has all been part of processing her own struggles with motherhood.

Bringing together her experiences of post and prenatal depression, hormonal imbalance and anxiety along with HR struggles when returning to work, alongside stories from other mums from across the country, Don’t Judge Me offers insights from women who have overcome a huge host of challenges, and offers advice, guidance, and strategies to help its readers.

Covering subjects from maternal and mental health, to the importance of self care, nutrition and exercise, to exploring the impact family dynamics can have, to dealing with judgement in the workplace, this book combines real life experiences with practical exercises and a strong focus on mindset to help the reader identify their own feelings and work through them. Reviews already in describe it as ‘refreshingly honest’ with many saying ‘Any mum who has ever suffered with any mum guilt needs to read this! Both hilarious and emotional at the same time… a must read for all mums!’

Donna is committed to supporting women returning to work after maternity through her services at More Than Mum Network, and she has already helped many mums from across the region, who felt lost due to the lack of support from workplaces transitioning back into a career after maternity leave. She has also worked with women globally through her online services and video coaching and the book is an extension of this, enabling her to reach an even wider audience, in a very accessible way.

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August 13, 2018 |

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