Menopause clinic Livve caters for corporates amid new legislation

LIVVE, an online menopause clinic founded by qualified prescribing pharmacist, Melissa Sookia has announced new support for the corporate market.

Following the recent news that employers may be sued by employees for not providing the right menopause support, the British Menopause Society trained team at LIVVE have responded with a series of free workplace webinars.

Having already run successful webinars and workshops for well-known companies, including Sainsbury’s, Clipper Logistics, David Lloyd and Strata, the webinars will offer expert advice to employers on how to manage menopause in the workplace.

Founder of LIVVE, Melissa Sookia said, “I created LIVVE, a platform that brings menopause consultation and pharmacy together to make support and treatment more accessible, affordable and to improve the retention of females in the workplace.

“Having spoken to many women in the workplace about menopause and perimenopause the biggest problem we hear time and time again is a lack of awareness from employers. Alongside this, we are finding that many employers don’t know where or how to access the right support and we are hearing of more and more women leaving jobs and feeling unsupported in the workplace.”

“In light of the latest news, we want to reach out to more corporates to offer guidance on how best to support team members through the various stages of menopause.”

The team at LIVVE have developed a series of interactive and educational webinars delivered by specially-trained menopause pharmacists.

The webinars will cover all aspects of menopause, including the 48 signs and symptoms experienced by many, treatment options and advice on managing menopause in the workplace. Team members will have 24/7 access to the webinars alongside the opportunity to receive a one-to-one consultation with a trained pharmacist.

As trained pharmacists, the LIVVE team are regulated by the GPhC and registered with The British Menopause Society. LIVVE is on a mission to educate employers and support women in and out of the workplace with guidance and affordable treatment options.

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