Seeing red? From robes to regalia, meet the Leeds textile firm behind the iconic Coronation scarlet cloth

The iconic scarlet cloth produced by AW Hainsworth – the heritage Yorkshire mill and Royal Warrant holder that produces fabrics to clothe royalty and furnish royal interiors, palaces and the House of Lords – is about to take centre stage at the King’s Coronation ceremony, where it will be used in 1000s of the uniforms worn during the weekend’s processions.

In just a few days, the nation will celebrate the coronation of King Charles III, in a spectacular ceremony steeped in tradition and pageantry. In keeping with previous Royal ceremonies, the colour red plays a leading role. And where you see red, you’ll see the craftsmanship of Yorkshire-based textile mill, AW Hainsworth. When the Royal Grenadier Guards step out for the King’s Coronation procession, they will be wearing their famous coats made with Yorkshire scarlet cloth.

It’s not the first time Hainsworth red cloth has played a central role in a monarch’s Coronation. 1953 saw the Coronation of our late Queen Elizabeth II and Hainsworth was chosen to produce a special cloth in regimental colours to mark the occasion. In fact, Hainsworth fabric has clothed royalty and the military for full-dress ceremonial occasions, including the scarlet uniforms of the Battle of Waterloo and Royal weddings for centuries.

“The scarlet fabric of the ceremonial parade is made from wool and finished with a melton finish, skillfully woven here at the Hainsworth mill in West Yorkshire for generations, using the finest wool fibres. All the pageantry and spectacle of the King’s Coronation celebrations will be enhanced with the Hainsworth red cloth – known for its luxurious feel, rich colour, and durability,” says Diane Simpson, Commercial Director at AW Hainsworth.

“Ceremony is something that is a huge part of British national pride, and The King’s Coronation event truly represents the heart of the nation, so we are honoured to again be part of such a celebration. With more than 6,000 uniformed officers taking part, the cloth woven for the uniforms is the very highest specification – a testament to the quality and craftsmanship of our product,” adds Simpson.

Hainsworth has provided many different fabrics for the King’s Coronation event, which include the scarlet and dark blue cloths worn by the Guards.


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