The Acupressure Mat that Beats A Trip To The Physio

The health benefits of Acupressure date right back to the first century. Once a ritualistic Chinese therapy, the practice of targeting pressure points to alleviate pain has been carried right through into the 21st century.

More recently, we’ve been able to skip the physio and carry out this practice in the comfort of our homes with the use of acupressure mats and pillows.

Pro 11 Wellbeing, a leading British podiatry and sports product provider, have been selling their Acupressure Mat and Pillow set for years now. In that time the set has secured its status as an effective healing product that improves health, wellness and even an improved nights sleep.

Award-winning comedian, actor and fan of the product, Russell Kane recently took to Instagram to tell his followers, “I’ve been in osteopathy, physio, everything that you can think of for nine months trying to fix this gym injury. This mat solved it all in about 48 hours.”

Nell McAndrew, amateur athlete and former model, is another name on this product’s long list of fans, alongside Under Armour athlete, Kalia Lai.

From athletes looking to help stress or impact injuries to those who simply wish to alleviate small gripes, the Pro 11 Wellbeing Acupressure set has become a firm favourite of many, particularly during colder months.

A recent UK study into the effects of weather on pain levels showed that the chances of experiencing more pain, on colder, wetter days, was around 20%.

As we head into the colder months ahead, those of us who are prone to chronic or persistent pain will be looking at how to prevent this. The Pro 11 Wellbeing Acupressure Mat and Pillow can help. The healing effect of this product is down to it’s clever design that provides an effect similar to acupuncture used to promote self-healing and regulate many of the body’s mechanisms.

During acupuncture treatment, manual pressure is applied to the body along the energy lines. The idea behind this technique is that poor health is caused by blockages in the body’s energy lines and, by stimulating these points, you can help restore the natural flow of energy through the body which will correct functional imbalances and improve overall health.

Pro 11 Wellbeing’s Acupressure set is adorned with small spikes to stimulate these pressure points. This not only provides acupressure massage but it also has a relaxing effect. The health benefits relieve all kinds of ailments such as:

* Headaches
* Neck pain
* Backache
* Sciatica pain in the back and leg
* Tight or stiff back
* Muscles stress and tension
* Fibromyalgia pain
* Insomnia

How best to use the Acupressure Mat and Pillow:

1. Consider where to place the mat. If you’re new to it, it might be better to start on a softer surface such as a bed or sofa to ease yourself into the practice. Once you’ve used the mat a few times, you may then want to move it onto the floor to use.
2. Start out with a layer between yourself and the mat. Wearing a light shirt or placing a thin fabric over the spikes may help you acclimate to the feeling of the mat. Users report that they get the best results when the mat is in contact with their bare skin, but it might be best to slowly progress to that point.
3. Lie down slowly. Lie down with your weight evenly distributed on the mat. This will help you avoid injury from the points.
4. Take deep breaths and relax. Taking even and deep breaths can help to relieve further tension as you melt into the mat.
5. Use consistently. It’s going to take some getting used to, and it may feel uncomfortable at first, but don’t be put off. Keep at it and you’ll soon begin to reap the benefits.

Andrew Dickinson, Managing Director of Pro 11 Wellbeing said, “ The thing that I love most about the mats is their usability. For such a small product, it has such huge health benefits! Above that though, is receiving reviews and feedback from customers who have benefited from this product, it’s amazing to hear!”

These reviews come in plenty. The product, which is also listed on Amazon as well as Pro 11 Wellbeing’s official site, has garnered a huge 2500 reviews from all over the world with an overwhelming majority of them giving the product a five star rating.

One online customer said, “ After years of constant backache, I have today, had my first relatively painless day and it [the Acupressure Mat] only arrived yesterday. My general pain level in my back has significantly reduced and the pain that radiates to my hips has pretty much gone. I stood up from a chair today and almost cried of how ‘normal’ I felt.”

It’s the positive effect of Pro 11 Wellbeings products like this that have positioned them as  one of the UK’s leading health and wellbeing providers, not just with their Acupressure set, but with their entire range of effective products and their expert advice.