The Sustainable British Skincare Brand Dominating The Market and Pushing For Positive Change

Time to Nourish trio alongside Wild + Wood’s recent Crystal Bay Collection

With hopes of being more than just a skincare brand, vegan and cruelty free Wild + Wood, was created at the beginning of 2020 by young mums from West Yorkshire, Hollie and Lorna.

Born from great friendship and a love of organic skincare, the pair began their journey hand crafting bath milks from their kitchen, with sustainability and luxury at the heart of each of their products. Fast forward 18 months and Wild + Wood have already surpassed any expectations either of the two might have had.

Founder Hollie said, “We started Wild + Wood sat on Lorna’s living room floor when we were both stay-at-home mums. We both had two young children at the time so we often had them strapped to our back in the early days whilst we created products in the kitchen. Thinking about how it started and where we are now, I can’t quite believe how quickly the brand took off and how far we’ve come since then.”

All Wild + Wood products are made with completely natural, organic ingredients designed to nourish all skin types. A firm customer favourite is their ‘Time to Nourish’ set that comes with a pouch of bath milk and an oat blend which has led to the most incredible skin transformation pictures from happy customers who suffer from eczema and psoriasis.

Talking of its healing qualities, Holly said, “Having small children has really inspired a lot of our products, as we wanted something that our children could use too as they usually jump into the bath with us most days!”

Wild and Wood have an impressive following of mums who choose their baby safe skincare to help with anything from skin flare-ups, cradle cap and nappy rash.

After selling more than 50,000 products in the first ten months it’s safe to say they’ve been a hit, not least with celebrity customers such as Stacey Solomon who regularly raves about the healing qualities of their products to her 4.4M Instagram followers during one of her selfcare Sunday baths.

But it’s not just sales that the pair are concerned about, Hollie and Lorna make it of utmost importance that the process from purchase to parcel is sustainable. Each component is sustainably sourced, from hand blending the ingredients to packaging and posting, everything is hand crafted by the girls and their loyal team.

Lorna said, “ When we first set out on our beauty adventure, one of the main things that we wanted to maintain was our respect to the environment, animals, people and farms. Yes, we set out to leave our print on the beauty industry, but we want to ensure that we remain as respectable to the environment and the world as possible.”

Not only are the girls changing the lives of customers, of all ages, with their incredible healing products, but they continue to push to change the lives of others with their ‘Wild and Wood gives back’ campaign.

On their mission to give back, Wild + Wood have partnered with ‘One Tree Planted’ a non-profit organisation to guarantee that with every online purchase made, one tree is planted. In the space of a few months this partnership has already led to the plantation of 4000 trees.

Their ‘Wild + Wood gives back’ Instagram account also sees them gift products each week to those who are experiencing hardship or simply need a pick me up, which is just another example of the girls pledge to give back and stay true to their kind-hearted northern roots.

Though they describe themselves as, ‘a small business with a big heart’, the pair are on track to have made their first million by October 2021 and with the recent purchase of their new store, which is set to open in their beloved Yorkshire later this year, the brand is rapidly growing and evolving.

Should you ask the founders what motivates them to give back, they’ll tell you their philosophy that an act of kindness everyday can change the world; and that they are striving to do just that as they continue to build a beauty brand like no other.