The Yorkshire retailer helping women rediscover their fashion confidence post lockdown

The Style Attic founder and owner, Leigh Unwin

For most of us, the past 12 months have been filled with gym leggings, comfort hoodies and not a whole lot else. Even the shopaholics amongst us have been hard pressed to find a reason to sift through the offerings of online retailers in search of the latest styles.

It’s hard to get excited about buying a new dress when the only time to show it off is by
pairing it with a face mask to mooch around the aisles of the local supermarket.

Whether you’ve spent lockdown resigned to wearing the same comfy outfit day in and day
out, or you were the person still hooked on ordering clothes each week just to feel some kind of excitement, it’s safe to say that lockdown has had a huge impact on the way that we

Independent Leeds based retailer, The Style Attic, whose loungewear sales soared during
lockdown, felt the impact of this.

The Style Attics’ owner Leigh Unwin said, “A lot of women lost the motivation to dress up,
after all who was going to see them. As a brand we tend to focus on casual everyday styles
so it was really important for us to tap into that and expand our loungewear range through
colour and print.”

With The Style Attic’s shop having now been open to customers for a few days, Leigh has
been able to get back to doing what she does best and has been easing women back into
the world of fashion by helping them rediscover their style.

Since the pandemic, many women have struggled when it comes to deciding what clothes to wear and having the confidence to get dressed up again. Leigh said, “I think after not
wearing what we love for so long, many of us have simply forgotten what we like to wear and trying to figure that out again can be daunting.”

“There’s a lot more meaning to the clothes that we wear than people might think. When you look good, you feel good too and the confidence that comes with that feeling shines through, arming women with that confidence is what I love to do”

The Style Attic experienced a record amount of sales in March 2021 with many women
preparing their wardrobe for the much awaited chance to socialise again.