Things are hotting up for staffing solutions company Slink

Founder Sarah Elston and Recruitment Manager Kelly Ward

Since October 2O2O Leeds based recruitment company, Slink, have sourced more than 150 sub-contract gas engineers for their sought after client, Boiler Central. What’s even more impressive is that collectively, these engineers have completed 1500 installations Nationwide for the firm from their initial appointment just five months ago.

Slink’s Founder Sarah Elston said: “The growth of Boiler Central began in the first lockdown, which is when they reached out to us looking for support in sourcing sub contract engineers to meet demand. The intake of staff has been vast, and the positive is that many of the engineers we’ve secured have been retained for longer terms and additional work.”

Kelly Walsh, Recruitment Manager at Slink also said: “One thing that we have noticed is that the boiler industry doesn’t sleep, which is something the recruitment agency can relate to all but too well – I think it’s why we work so well together. Our philosophy is to always be adaptable and available to our clients, whatever the time of day. Albeit we anticipate some quieter months in the middle of the year, our experience so far is one of a very busy industry where sub contract engineers are busy themselves. Given the climate it’s really refreshing to see and even more rewarding being able to play a small part in the growth of Boiler Central too.”

There’s no denying it takes a lot of hard work to build a new network of potential candidates. That being said, the team quickly gained access to the relevant Gas Safety Registers which then enabled the agency to source and screen engineers with a lot more ease. Once initial contact has been made with a prospective candidate, Slink then go on to screen each applicant before presenting to their client and then, should they be successful, take the engineer through the on-boarding process and assign the engineer log-in details for access to Boiler Central Job app.

If reaching the incredible landmark of 150 wasn’t enough, last week they also allocated a job to their first female engineer. Sarah said about the appointment: “When we came across a female engineer who was available to take on work we were undoubtably thrilled. There’s no hiding the fact engineering is a male dominated industry, but there are females out there working and we hope to liaise with more females on behalf of Boiler Central in the not so distant future.”

Not bad to say Slink weren’t affiliated within the engineering industry until late last year in the first place. Reflecting on such an incredible achievement, in what has been such difficult times, Sarah exclaimed: “I am incredibly proud of the strides we have made since October and the new connections we have been able to make for Boiler Central. Knowing that we have been able to provide fast and efficient support to their growing business has been rewarding. We hadn’t worked within this industry before and we are still learning every day! I’d never have imagined that a year ago I’d be talking to gas engineers about combi swaps and vertical flues – but here I am, and I’m loving it.”