TwinklHive launches SEO service for Yorkshire start-ups

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TwinklHive is delighted to announce the launch of a brand-new SEO service being offered to its start-up and SME residents, enabling them to fast track their growth.

The business accelerator was created by Sheffield educational publisher, Twinkl, at the end
of last year with the aim of helping missional digital businesses to scale.

Standing for Search Engine Optimisation, SEO increases a website’s visibility on search
engines like Google, driving more traffic to the website and improving brand awareness.

SEO focuses on ‘organic traffic’ that is free to acquire, as opposed to paid ads, which can
make it a highly cost-effective marketing channel.

Start-ups can take out a variety of short-term packages that act as ‘SEO boot camps’,
whipping websites into shape. TwinklHive’s SEO service aims to provide increased flexibility and transparency compared to traditional agencies, and will also offer monthly retainer options and the ability to purchase individual pieces of work.

The service is run by Twinkl’s SEO team who, despite only being formed at the start of 2019,
have played a pivotal role in the company’s UK website appearing for an additional 45,000
different search phrases on Google.

One of the largest in the UK, Twinkl’s SEO team was named the ‘Global Digital In-House
Team of the Year’ at the 2020 Global Digital Excellence Awards, and was also shortlisted for
the ‘Best In-House Team’ award at this year’s European Search Awards.

TwinklHive’s first SEO package, with a start-up, has seen positive results. Over the course of ten weeks, their website has grown from only appearing on Google for its brand name to
showing for more than 300 unbranded phrases.

Clients of the SEO service can expect to receive a bespoke SEO strategy for their website,
training in SEO, an increase in the number of search phrases their website appears for, and
coverage on other websites.

Dan Rawley, SEO Specialist for TwinklHive, said: “I’m really excited to be able to offer these
SEO packages to start-ups. SEO work can make a huge difference to any business’
fortunes, but especially for start-ups. By laying the right foundations now, we can drive free traffic to the websites sustainably and continuously, helping them reach wider audiences.

“We also want to coach the businesses in SEO so that they are able to take their SEO
strategy into their own hands in the near future, rather than always being dependent on
paying to outsource the work”.

SEO joins a growing list of services offered by TwinklHive, including web development,
innovation, resource production, and customer experience. The Hive also provides seed
funding, office space and mentorship to missional digital start-ups, specialising in supporting those in the EdTech sector.