Wakefield’s Caffe Noor Puts Social Conscience Before Profit

Wakefield’s newest independent quality coffee shop, Caffe Noor, are putting their social conscience at the forefront of their business plan as they prepare to share their profits with children’s charities across the city.

Caffe Noor, which opened this week at Trinity Walk shopping centre, is the latest offering from those who brought Estabulo and, more recently, Casa Peri Peri to the city.

Located in the former Caffe Nero unit, and retaining it’s staff, this new venture serves quality coffee and food with an independent twist.

But Caffe Noor are focusing on more than just their coffee as they wish to have a positive impact on the local community.

At the end of each month, after all costs are removed the business will split profits 50/50.

One half will go toward charities and projects that directly benefit children in Wakefield and the other, towards the launch of another Caffe Noor with the hope that this cycle of giving back can later branch out into other cities further afield.

Rob Campbell, Group CEO, said, “The aim is to provide a high quality coffee shop experience and in turn help people in our city. By reinvesting half of our profits into a pot to launch more Caffe Noor’s, it means we can create new job opportunities. It also enables us to help more children across Wakefield, which we’d love to do.”

“The concept is all new, so it’s still taking shape, but we know what we want to achieve and we’re all very excited. We want to have a positive impact on local children, whether it’s helping with free meals during holidays, providing sports equipment for a local team or helping towards getting a school some new equipment.”

Cormac Hamilton, Trinity Walk’s Centre Manager, added: “The concept of Caffe Noor is fantastic – it’s an innovative and socially responsible approach to business which they hope will support both local children and the community. We are proud they have chosen Trinity Walk to launch their first venture. It’s the first step on what we hope will be a long and successful journey for them.”

With the launch just this week, Caffe Noor has already been a hit with customers.

Kim Rose who visited this week, from Kirkhamgate said, “It’s great, the space is lovely and so are the drinks, we’ve really missed being able to meet up with friends for coffee so it’s so nice to be back inside, we need our coffee dates!”

As Caffe Noor continue on their quest to support Wakefield’s children, any project who may want to apply for a grant should email funding@caffenoor.co.uk .