Yorkshire-based investigation and intelligence specialists offer crime prevention expertise to protect private sector

Keith Hunter, Executive Director for Justice, Policing and Security at Agencia.

A business which has worked under the radar guiding governments in the fight against corruption and terrorism is now helping to protect businesses by applying high level crime prevention techniques which have been tried and tested internationally.

Keith Hunter, appointed last year as Executive Director for Justice, Policing and Security by East Yorkshire-based Agencia, has sharpened the private sector offer by enhancing the company’s 25-year track record of transforming judicial systems with his own experience of dealing with businesses of all sizes during 35 years with the police.

The new approach has already brought invitations for Agencia to partner with other private sector providers on delivering justice projects in developing nations and overseas trouble spots.

Agencia’s message is that the company is also equipped to work directly for private sector clients to guard against threats to intellectual property, cyber security and more.

Mr Hunter said: “We’re using our more detailed knowledge of the risks to business to develop products around investigative services, IP protection and understanding, strategic planning, performance management and culture change.

“Infringement of IP rights is recognised by the government as a threat to many of our economic and social benefits and to the UK’s vision as a world-leading innovation economy and science superpower.

“We can anticipate and investigate criminal threats and acts against businesses, whether they are coming from outside an organisation or from within, in which case we can conduct internal corporate investigations.

“Without exception, we can spot the gaps in any organisation. Any gap is a potential loss to a company’s momentum and profitability.”

As a serving officer for 30 years Mr Hunter reached the rank of Chief Superintendent commanding the entire Hull area, managing a budget of £44m and liaising with SMEs and the local offices of multinational corporations.

After leaving Humberside Police, he spent three years with Agencia, working on assignments which included security, anti-corruption and counter-terrorism projects in Serbia, Bosnia and Kosovo.

During five years as Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner, Mr Hunter drove improvements which transformed the force from the worst performing in the country to one of the best. He also further developed his understanding of the impact of crime on business.

He said: “Agencia works internationally and has contracts with government bodies including the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office to provide training and investigative or intelligence-handling capabilities. There are aspects around culture change and performance that are beginning to get a toehold in the public sector and are transferrable to the private sector where we are seeing rising demand.

“Our international and domestic work for government and public sector bodies will continue, and we are pleased to now apply our expertise and experience to help protect the private sector too.”