Yorkshire staffing solutions agency Slink, call upon 15 years of industry experience to launch new talent directory

Team Slink as they prepare for the launch of their talent directory

Leeds based staffing solutions agency, Slink, are have launched their national talent directory as they expand their creative services on their new website, slinkuk.co.uk.

With lockdown having forced parts of the creative industry to put their projects on hold, Slink, who previously focused on event and promotional staffing, began to explore other avenues and secured partnerships with companies in the Engineering and Construction industries. These partnerships are only going from strength to strength but as they move forward and transition away from Covid-19 restrictions, Slink also look to return to their work in the creative industries with a fresh new look and a more modernised approach.

To do so, they have begun with the launch of their brand new website which will collate all of their services in one place for an improved, more efficient user experience.

Founder Sarah Elston said, “The website will be an invaluable tool for us to connect with clients and candidates in one place. We’ll be able to accept enquiries more efficiently from companies and brands, as well as being able to communicate opportunities to our registered members in a streamlined and professional way.”

With this new website, comes the launch of their much awaited talent directory.

The talent directory sees Slink’s years of hard work, making contacts and sourcing talent from up and down the country, come together in one place.

It’s been a long time coming but Slink are certain that with this summer set to see the return of many creative projects from dance shows to theatre projects, now is the right time to launch this service.

Sarah said, “The new talent directory is for anyone who works or wants to work in the creative industries, such as models, presenters, dancers, actors and others alike. We will actively seek projects for our talented members and support them every step of the way to grow their careers. Each of our listed members will also have their own page, which will host their online portfolio for professional use. Our talent directory will also allow members to watch their portfolio grow, as they build their experience through the opportunities we present to them.

Speaking of the kind of talent involved she said, “The quirkier the better! Our books will reflect an array of talent from all backgrounds as we strive to make our services as diverse as possible.”

This new directory doesn’t only positively benefit Slinks’ long list of talented members, but it also has a hugely positive impact on the way that their clients can now book talent. Those looking for talent can become members on behalf of their business and can then use the directory to source talent more efficiently.

Sarah said, “Once registered with us, clients can take advantage of a user-friendly gallery where they can search the talent based upon their skills. Not only will this save our clients a lot of time, but it also ensures that they have easy access to a whole host of information on the talent they choose to book, including qualifications and experience, to make sure that they always find the perfect fit for their event”

Team Slink have over 40 years collective experience of working in the creative industries, both nationally and internationally, so understand first-hand that needs differ from client to client.

Slink’s loyal client base is filled with happy customers who have returned to work with the team time and time again. Sarah believes this to be thanks to their ‘be nice to people’ ethic, which trickles down from the team in head office to the talent on their books.

She said, “for talent to be repeatedly booked, they have to be easy to work with. By instilling this ethic into our talent you can rest assured that if you book with us, your project will run smoothly.”

The talent directory, which went live on the 29th of June, sees Slink continue to evolve and become the go-to agency for all types of staffing solutions, not just in Yorkshire but across the UK.