Yorkshire’s Origin Group launches SnappD to transform the wasteful “sachet economy”

SnappD single-dose 100% recyclable sachet

The Origin Group has launched a new business unit, SnappD offering the first of its kind fully brandable 100% recyclable single-dose sachets for a range of industries, including personal care, pharmaceuticals, beverages and sports energy products.

SnappD sachets, made with more than 30% post-recycled materials (PCR), are manufactured and filled in a dedicated 22716 environment in Melton, East Riding of Yorkshire.

Importantly, this new concept helps to address the challenges of the “sachet economy” which continues to generate massive quantities of plastic waste globally.

Traditionally, sachets are made of multilayer plastics that cannot be separated making them practically unrecyclable. Some technologies can convert them back to oil, but you need to collect billions of sachets to make it viable.

There’s currently no legislation in place in the UK or EU to tackle the environmental impact of plastic sachets, with the single-use plastics ban currently only covering plastic straws, stirrers and cotton buds.

But brands need to think ahead of the curve to avoid costly compliance challenges in future and to keep in line with changing consumer views on sustainability.

SnappD also delivers eco-savings during transportation. The size and shape of SnappD sachets mean large quantities can be easily transported with minimal space wastage. For example, 250 Snapped 50×50 sachets can fit in 1 POS box – totalling up to 108,000 in one pallet.

Originally designed to respond to the growing need for hygienic hand sanitiser dispensers at the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the engineers at SnappD have since redesigned the sachets to suit a wider range of applications and sectors.

Designed for universal ease of use, the SnappD patented sachet is the most intuitive form of packaging on the market and can be used as part of brands’ current offering, or as samples to increase brand reach and attract new customers.

Customers can choose from a variety of customised opening functions for liquids, semi-liquids, powders, granules and high viscosity products. Additionally, there is a double-cut option for brands to package two products in a dual-chamber, to be dispensed together.

Any sachet size between 40×50 mm and 100×100 mm is possible, delivering a minimum filling volume of 0.2 ml and up to 40 ml depending on the product category.

Pharmaceutical-grade filling system is offered for filling volumes below 0.5 ml that require more precision, and for higher shelf-life requirements, barriers of aluminium and siox silica coating are available.

SnappD’s in-house design technologists will offer personal consultations to advise on the best options, using a 3D visualiser tool to maximise visual impact and reduce project timelines.

Rich Quelch, Global Head of Marketing at SnappD commented:

“Building on The Origin Group’s heritage of manufacturing exceptional glass packaging, plastic containers, measuring devices and child-resistant solutions, we decided that one-dose sachets were a logical extension of our product range.

“Created in response to the increased demand for hand sanitiser during the coronavirus pandemic, SnappD was subsequently redesigned by our engineers to suit a wide range of applications and sectors, while supporting global efforts to reduce environmental harm from single-use plastic sachets.”