Fairfield HR Founder Wins Yorkshire Prestige Award for New HR Consultancy of the Year

Clare Bevan-McDowell

Clare Bevan-McDowell, an independent human resources consultant and the founder of Fairfield HR based in Skipton, North Yorkshire has been awarded the coveted Yorkshire Prestige Award for New HR Consultancy of the Year.

The Yorkshire Prestige Awards recognise small and medium-sized enterprises that have proven to be the backbone of the regional economy, reflecting the unique characteristics of Yorkshire. Clare’s win is a testament to her dedication and innovative approach to human resources.

“I am thrilled to receive this award,” said Clare. “At Fairfield HR, I believe that HR is more than just policies and procedures. It’s about bringing out the best in people so they can flourish. This award is a recognition of my commitment to a people-focused, holistic approach to HR.”

Fairfield HR offers a range of services, from mindset coaching to creative reward strategies, all designed to help businesses get the best from their teams. Based in North Yorkshire, Fairfield HR supports a diverse range of clients, from digital marketing agencies to healthcare providers, across Ilkley, Skipton, Leeds, Bradford, York, and even as far afield as Penrith, Edinburgh and Bristol.

Clare’s passion for people, bespoke and personal approach, and fresh take on HR have set her apart in the field. With five years of legal training, clients can trust they’re in safe hands, while her holistic approach ensures a nurturing environment for all.

“I love recruiting awesome talent, on-boarding them with energy and excitement, and helping create and maintain a nurturing environment where they can grow,” Clare added. “This award is not just for me, but for all the businesses and individuals who have trusted Fairfield HR to support them.”

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