Leeds Digital Agency Takes Action In Providing Financial Education For Employees

With the cost of living crisis continuing to be a concern across the UK and with over three quarters of UK adults wishing they had received more financial education*, Leeds-based digital agency, Flaunt Digital, has taken action in order to provide their employees with greater financial knowledge.

The digital agency has introduced monthly financial advice workshops for their team of 30, led by CFO, Chris Ayres, who has over 20 years of experience in key financial and operational roles within digital and B2B companies. During these sessions, he covers critical topics from mortgages to pensions and investing.

With pensions being a current hot topic in the news, an hour-long talk on pensions was a must for increasing awareness, starting with the very basics. During the workshop, he went on to further explain a little more about the nuances of pensions, such as tax allowances, pension types and of course, how much you should be looking to have in your pot for retirement.

Chris Ayres, shared that “It’s astonishing to find that a lot of employees know very little about pensions – what control they have and what it means for their future.”

He added, “My door is also always open for employees at Flaunt Digital to get more information and ask questions about financial matters, not only during the talks but at any point where a question may arise.”

By opening the door to financial learning, Flaunt Digital are looking to give employees some of the basics that they otherwise might be left to teach themselves.

Flaunt Digital’s, CEO, Lee Fuller explains further; “Financial wellbeing starts with having the right information at hand to make the best decisions you can when it comes to money. It is our responsibility as an employer to make sure we provide the right education and resources, and with the current economic climate it’s more important now than ever.”

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