Niche employment law firm – Boardside – appoints specialist business immigration lawyer.

Niche employment law firm, Boardside, has appointed solicitor Nadine Marston, as Partner, to spearhead its new Business Immigration offering. The former Partner at PwC Legal in London will be advising companies on the complex legal and regulatory issues associated with global mobility – an area of law which is prevalent due to Brexit. Boardside is amongst only a relatively small number of Yorkshire-based law firms offering this specialist legal advice.

During her career Nadine has been responsible for managing the immigration requirements for multinationals and financial institutions. She has advised leading investment banks and companies in the oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, management consultancy, information technology and insurance sectors.

Managing Partner, Richard Port said: “Employment law and business immigration matters are closely entwined, therefore having Nadine’s considerable legal expertise and experience allows us to advise clients fully on all strategic and regulatory employment issues. The Yorkshire business community is facing considerable challenges in 2021, in managing its current overseas nationals’ workforce and in sourcing future talent. Brexit and the resulting changes to immigration legislation after 1st January 2021 have posed a hurdle to many UK employers. In response to Brexit, it is essential that businesses plan ahead, both in relation to considering future recruitment needs and looking after the requirements of current employees. Not enough focus is being put on the issues faced by Yorkshire’s small and medium sized businesses. Employers and their staff must ensure compliance with the new laws.”

Nadine will be advising companies and individuals on navigating the Brexit legislation in relation to business immigration matters. “You would be very surprised at the number of businesses which aren’t taking this seriously,”

Nadine said. “The good news is that we will have the expertise to solve these problems and to work closely with our clients in their forward-planning on strategic and regulatory issues. With specialists in different aspect of human resources, Boardside will be promoting a co-ordinated approach which enables the provision of a bespoke service and advice on different aspects of people management; we are working towards offering a whole human resources package to businesses.”

As part of a value-added service, Nadine will be:

– Ensuring that clients are familiar with the new immigration rules which came into effect on 1st January 2021
-Helping clients with an audit of their HR files to ensure that immigration processes are robust and compliant
-Establishing good working practices in line with government requirements
-Delivering client training sessions

Employment law is at the forefront of current business news, against the backdrop of COVID-19 and resulting redundancies. Immigration is essential in a world where businesses are growing globally and the mobility of employees is paramount.