Oakland Partners with Data Literacy Academy to Empower Businesses in Data-Driven Decision Making

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In today’s data-driven world, businesses increasingly rely on their ability to leverage information, which has led to a growing demand for data literacy. Oakland, a leading expert in data-driven business transformation, has partnered with Data Literacy Academy who are at the forefront of driving data literacy. The collaboration aims to help businesses develop the skills and resources they need to make the most of their data assets, ensuring that their data capabilities align closely with their business strategy.

Oakland and the Data Literacy Academy emphasise a two-way approach to data literacy. It acknowledges that data professionals must understand business needs, just as business leaders and decision-makers must comprehend the potential and limitations of data. Effective communication and collaboration are essential for organisations to unlock the true value of their data and make informed decisions.

Data literacy may often be viewed as a mere tick-box exercise but as a strategic imperative for driving business growth. The partnership’s primary goals include embedding data literacy early on and throughout the journey from initial planning to implementation. Along with empowering individuals to make informed decisions that drive growth. By bridging the gap between data and business understanding, Oakland and Data Literacy Academy aim to enable organisations to unlock the true potential of their data assets.

Customers will benefit from comprehensive support on both the technology and people sides of data initiatives. Data Literacy Academy will provide impactful change management programs, supported by Oakland’s strategic planning and technical implementation.

Andy Crossley, CTO at Oakland shares his thoughts on the partnership;

“By joining forces, Oakland and Data Literacy Academy aim to empower organisations on their digital transformation journey like never before. All too often, we hear about the poor performance of data projects. We’re committed to turning this around!”

If you are looking to learn how you can transform your digital journey and unlock the full potential of your data, get in touch with Oakland.

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