Quickline accelerates rural communities into fibre broadband fast lane

Quickline’s Julian Chalk in Drax, near Selby, North Yorkshire, one of more than 20 rural communities connected with Quickline’s full fibre broadband over the past eight months.

A host of rural areas have raced out of the internet slow lane with fast and reliable full fibre broadband, thanks to East Yorkshire-based rural provider Quickline.

Quickline has rolled out its fibre broadband, which offers customers speeds of up to 1 Gbps, to new areas across North Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and North Lincolnshire.

It means, in total, more than 10,000 homes and businesses across rural communities can now access Quickline’s fast-growing fibre broadband network.

Julian Chalk, Head of Network Enablement and Engagement at Quickline, said: “Our fibre service is a game-changer for communities which have endured slow, inconsistent broadband for too long.

“In just eight months, we’ve taken full fibre to more than 20 communities as part of our accelerated rollout programme.

“Our full fibre broadband comes all the way to your door, so you can enjoy even higher speeds.

“When some providers talk about fibre, what that actually means is that fibre is connected to a cabinet in your local area, but then outdated copper cables carry it to your home or business. That severely impacts the broadband speeds and reliability you receive.

“Our fibre broadband direct to your home or business ensures you get the high-quality and high-speed online experience you deserve.”

The new communities which can now receive Quickline’s fibre service are:

• Deighton, south of York.
• Burton Upon Stather and Thealby, north of Scunthorpe.
• North and South Killingholme and East Halton, west of Grimsby.
• Digby, Rowston and Scopwick, south of Lincoln.
• Carlton, Camblesforth, Newland, Barlow and Drax, south of Selby.

These communities equate to more than 7,000 homes and businesses with access to Quickline full fibre broadband. This is addition to the villages of Flixborough and Normanby, north of Scunthorpe, and Skelton, near York, where Quickline went live late last year.

Residents and businesses in some of these communities have previously received broadband speeds as low as 3 Mbps. Typical speeds were around 36 Mbps at best.

With Quickline’s range of fibre packages, the rollout has unlocked speeds of up to 1 Gbps across the rural locations.

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